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Meet Samuel Louis “Dex” Dexter, former Marine who has lost his memories of everything that happened before the explosion that cost him his military career. In that one instant, Dex lost everything except for his Grandmother. Now, Dex must figure out his new life from scratch. What food he likes, the music he listens to, is he a boxer or briefs man… everything we take for granted, Dex has to figure out all over again.

While he’s readjusting to life as a civilian, he starts seeing things. Not things from his past, but things that no one else can see. Dex thinks his head injury caused more than amnesia. He thinks it addled his brain to the point he’s seeing things that aren’t really there. When one of these ‘visions’ won’t leave him alone, he takes it seriously.

What happens next lands Dex in hot water and in jail. Somehow, he must prove his innocence.

The Ghost in the Mirror is Book 1 in the Samuel Dexter Series.


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