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Oracle Pre-Order is Live

Rhennan Ward is no one special. Or so she thought. Soon after her eighteenth birthday she finds out how very different she really is.

Rhennan is next in line to be Oracle, the one chosen by the Creator to guard the secret of Heaven – The Tree of Life. Rhen’s grandmother, the current Oracle, gives her a beautiful pendant for her birthday. Soon after, strange things start happening, and Rhen sees things she shouldn’t. Coming into her powers before her time, Rhen believes she’s going crazy.

Maddox Bell is the new guy at school. When the tall, good-looking bad-boy shows up in his leather jacket and moto boots, all it takes is one look into his sapphire eyes, and he makes Rhen forget about her ex-boyfriend – the one who broke her heart. As Maddox and Rhen become closer, things get stranger, threatening to rip them apart.

When Rhen makes one wrong decision, her life and that of her family, is irrevocably changed forever.

The Guardians of Truth is a YA fantasy series revolving around 2 sisters and their journey of discovery.

Ever since certain Angels fell from Heaven, they have been searching for the Tree of Life. The Tree holds the Truth of the Heavenly Throne, and they are determined to take it from the Creator.

The Guardians – half Angel and half human – were created to protect the Oracle and her family.

Nephilim are the product of humans and demons, and it is their job to help the Fallen Angels get closer to the Oracle and discover the Truth. As the sisters find out, good isn’t always dictated by the blood in your veins.

The Fallen get closer to the Truth, and it will be up to the sisters to figure out who they can trust. One wrong move can destroy Heaven.

Follow Rhennan and Nikira Ward as they learn who they really are and what that means for their future.

Oracle is now up for Pre-order on Amazon for $2.99. The price will go up on release day, September 28th.  Oracle Pre-Order