Tap Dancing with the Devil is releasing early

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I couldn’t wait any longer. I am so flipping excited about everyone getting their hands on this book. Pre-order price is $2.99 until Sunday when it goes live!
There is no time limit on revenge.
Ryan “Cass” Cassidy, a young, rookie cop and all around good guy, was sentenced to thirty years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Framed by the men who were supposed to have his back.
He lost his job
His wife
Thirteen years stole every bit of goodness Cass had in him. When he is released on early parole, he’s READY. Ready to seek out those men and make them pay.
There are no lengths Cass won’t go to for his revenge. He counts on his rage to fuel him forward. What he doesn’t count on is the wife of his old partner stirring up feelings he thought died all those years ago.
This is a story of revenge. A tale of cheating and the consequences. While it isn’t a romance, it is a tale of a second chance at love.

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2ovFoE4

Tap Dancing with the Devil cover reveal, pre-order, and giveaway

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After almost 2 years, Tap Dancing with the Devil is finally here. After going through many incarnations, I finally had THE epiphany I needed to carry this book through. While it is nothing like the story it started out being, it is what it’s supposed to be. Tap Dancing is the story of a man wrongfully imprisoned. When he gets out, he has one thing on his mind: Revenge. Well, that and sex. This is a suspense. It’s a story about cheating and the consequences. It’s a story of a second chance at love, too. I don’t categorize the book as a romance, even though it has an HEA.

I’ve had the photo for the cover for almost a year. When I saw Connor Smith looking all bad ass and broody, I knew he was my Ryan Cassidy. This is my favorite cover ever.

For one week only, the pre-order price is 99 cents. Next week it will go up to $2.99 until release. After that, it will be the regular price of $3.99  It will be available on most platforms any day now, so if you don’t get your books on Amazon, watch my FB page for the other links as they become available. For now, here’s the link for Amazon: Tap Dancing with the Devil

I have a giveaway going on at my author page. Share the post on your own page, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card.  Faith Author Page

Finding Me Release & Giveaway

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Book 3 in The Music Within Series is live. Follow Andy and Bryan as they find life after the Marines. This is a MM, Straight to Gay, Friends to Lovers story. There is a slow burn, but when they finally get together, the story heats up.

Get your copy on Amazon or Kobo  Other retailers coming soon.

I have a multi-author giveaway going for the release. Up for grabs are gift cards, e-books, and signed Paperbacks from several MM authors. Click here Rafflecopter Giveaway

Finding Me Cover Reveal

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Finding Me, Book 3 in The Music Within series, follows Andy and Bryan as they find life after the Marines. While books 1 and 2 can be read as standalones, Book 3 runs concurrent to Book 2 and should be read after you’ve read it. Finding Me will be released on February 10th.


Andy Holcomb, heir apparent to the Holcomb Oil Empire, is hiding something from his family. When his “good old boy” grandfather uncovers his secret, he is immediately turned away and disinherited. Needing to find a path in life, Andy leaves Texas and joins the Marines. 
Bryan Moore grew up in the projects of Chicago, the oldest son of a mixed-race father and white mother. When tragedy strikes his family, Bryan does his best to help his hard-working mom raise his three siblings. After high school, Bryan joins the Marines so he can send money home to continue helping his family. 
After eight years of proudly serving their county, both men opt out. They spend six months trying to find work as well as themselves. A chance meeting at the VA brings them together, and a bond of friendship is immediately formed. Even though Andy is gay and Bryan considers himself straight, their friendship holds no judgement.
When a kind stranger offers them a chance to work on a cattle farm, Andy and Bryan jump at the opportunity.  Spending all of their time living and working together tests their friendship on many levels. Andy knows he’s not Bryan’s type, but he knows what he wants and that’s his best friend. Bryan is confused by his changing feelings for Andy but can’t deny the attraction.

Looking Forward

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On the heels of such a wonderful 2016, I am looking forward to all the greatness 2017 brings. I have several books in the works, including Julian and Urijah’s stories in the Stone Society, Finding Me and Finding Home in the Music Within series, The Ghost in the Woods, Samuel Dexter’s next book, as well as 2 stand alones that are a little outside of my sandbox so to speak. 7 books is not realistic, but they’re all on my radar.

I have signed up for several book signings including Naughty in Nashville, Rebels and Readers in West Virginia, Kellermans Retreat, and Naturally Naughty in Nola. I’m looking forward to meeting many more new readers this year.

I am thankful to all my readers who continue to follow my career, read my books, and fall more in love with each character the same as I do. I wish you all much love and happiness in the coming year. I look forward to sharing my words and world with you.

Peace and love to you all.

Jonas is Live!

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It’s Live! and only 99 cents

Jonas, a Stone Society Novella…

Some gifts can’t be wrapped.

On Christmas Eve, Jonas Montague, father of the half-blood Gargoyles, is surrounded by his family, but not all of them. Instead of telling a traditional holiday tale, he shares the story of meeting his mate, Caroline, and the years that followed. Why was Jonas ostracized? Where are his older children? Why did he clone his great-niece, an act that caused the near-apocalypse?

And what’s a holiday without a miracle?

Jonas is a Stone Society companion novella set ten years in the future. It is told from Jonas’s point of view and from that of Tessa’s twins, Anthony and Tabitha

The 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways

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Starting December 14th, I will begin the annual 12 days of holiday giveaways to my newsletter subscribers. If you would like to sign up, please click on this link: Faith Newsletter. Normally, I only send out the newsletter when I have things to share like cover reveals and new releases. This is the one time of year when it will go out daily for 12 days. After that, it will be back to status quo.

From now until the end of the year, all my paperbacks are discounted to $8 each through my website only. Books make great holiday gifts!

Don’t forget, all proceeds from my short prequel, The Ghost in the Desert, go to VetSports.

Coming soon: Jonas, a Stone Society short story. Read about the Gargoyle who tilted the world on its axis.

Cyber Monday – One Week Early – 14 Authors

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For one day only, November 21st, you can get books from FOURTEEN great authors. All books are priced either free or 99 cents.

Faith Gibson – Rafael $0.99
Faith Gibson – Deliver Me $0.99

Riley Edwards – Nightstalker $.0.99

Chris Genovese – The Trouble with Virgins – Daughters of Venus 2  $0.99

Ethan Radcliff – Gentlemen’s Agreement

Elias Raven – Cain – Sins Of The Father
Elias Raven – The Painted Shadows: Poetry Collection

Ellie Masters – Hearts Insanity an Angel Fire Rock Romance

Carver Pike – Redgrave $0.99

Erin Trejo – Final Ride Fallen Angel’s MC #4 $0.99

Don Abdul – Checkmate $0.99

JD Lexx – **NEW RELEASE** Manhattan Memoirs Volume 1 – FREE
JD Lexx – **NEW RELEASE** Manhattan Memoirs Volume 2 – $0.99
JD Lexx – Malediction: Rise of the Crimson Confessions $0.99

Cree Nations – Malakai Stone Book 1 Texas Heat – FREE

JA Laurie – Battery Operated Boyfriend $0.99

Vera Quinn – Making my forever $0.99

Liberty Parker – Taken by Lies $0.99

Want a little Sin in your life?

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Sin, the 8th installment in the Stone Society is releasing early. Instead of the 28th, Sin will be unleashed this Sunday, the 20th. I couldn’t wait any longer. This is one of those stories that makes you feel things. Good and bad, happy and sad.

to pre-order Sin on Amazon, click here: http://amzn.to/2fMYQsR

for the retailers below, click here: https://www.books2read.com/u/mqzXGO

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Sin Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

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For 3 days only, Sin will be at 99 cents. For the next 3 days, the price will be discounted at $2.99. After that, it will be the regular price of $3.99
Sinclair Stone is the leader of the Stone Society’s West Coast Clan. He is the King’s brother and also his right hand. Over the centuries, Sin has shared his bed with males and females alike. He has loved human women, even taking a few as wives, thinking he’ll never find a mate. Watching his brothers find their mates recently is bittersweet until Sin is knocked to his knees. Literally. Someone is making Sin crazy. He just has to figure out who it is.
Raquel “Rocky” Cartwright is broken. She lost her parents when she was ten, and her life has spiraled downward ever since. Some events were out of her hands, but some were the product of the bad choices she made, and Rocky takes accountability for those. She thinks she has nothing to offer a man except her body, and even that isn’t whole. When Rocky encounters a man who was supposed to be a one-night stand, things once again spiral out of control. Only this time, it’s for the better. Or so he tries to convince her.
When Sin meets Rocky, he faces the biggest challenge of his long life – convincing his mate she’s worthy. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her see she is more than something for men to use. Rocky is more.